Institutional Committee

Institutional work is a special ministry provided by Christian Science branch churches to individuals in penal, mental and youth correctional institutions. The purpose of this ministry is to make the healing and regenerative truths of Christian Science available to those seeking a better understanding of God.

Our Purpose
The purpose of Christian Science institutional work is to provide healing and redemption through prayer and one-on-one discussions, as taught by Jesus, to inmates and residents of institutions in California such as state prisons, county jails, work camps, jails, mental hospitals, youth facilities, and Department of Veterans Affairs facilities. This unique Christian ministry is extended primarily to those who are confined in institutions and thus prevented from attending a Christian Science church, contacting a practitioner, or visiting a Reading Room.

Our Mission
To recognize the regenerating and healing light of Christ in every inmate, patient, and staff member in every penal institution and VA hospital in the State.

The elimination for the need of penal institutions through spiritual regeneration of individuals and society in general.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do Christian Science Chaplains do?
Christian Science Chaplains are spiritual healers, bearing God’s Word.  They act as witnesses to God’s light of truth and love, and through the love of Christ alone, heal sickness, sadness, anger, confusion, and hatred, just as Christ Jesus did.  Our Chaplains recognize God’s light and love in each inmate or patient, and every member of the staff and ministry services.”

How do I notify a Chaplain about a family member or friend who is incarcerated?
Contact the State Committee Office.  The Executive Secretary will be glad to help you with this.

Sharon Maxwell, Executive Secretary
C.S. Comm. on Institutional Work in California
P. O. Box 1237
Hollister, CA  95024-1237
Office Phone: 831.265.7717
For Chaplain services outside of California: The Mother Church has an Institutional Committee Liaison who works with individuals and branches in the United States who have questions about institutional work.  This Liaison can be reached at